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My account and 650 posts have VANISHED!

onyourrightonyourright Posts: 509

My old username was OnYourRight. It had 650 posts – I know because someone remarked on it in this thread about 650C wheels.

Within the last day this account and all of its posts went up in smoke – just disappeared!

When trying to log in, I kept getting an error message saying, “You have specified an incorrect username. Please check your username and try again. If you continue to have problems please contact the Board Administrator”. I tried to contact that adminstrator, but the supplied email address ([email protected]) bounced.

I then re-registered with exactly the same username and email address, fully expecting some other error message. Instead, to my shock, it created a new account with zero posts – the one I’m now posting from.

Here is an old thread I started, for example, minus my posts including the opening post. You can see people quoting me.

Any idea what happened? Is it possible to delete this new version of the OnYourRight account and reinstate the old one? I don’t much care about my old posts, but this is so weird!
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