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Chain skipping, jumping,

LeoVassLeoVass Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
HI all,

New member here & I have a problem which I don't seem to be able to solve:
(All the parts used here are brand-new out of the box).

Rear der. 9-gear SLX
Front der. SLX
Cassette SLX (HG-80) 34-11
Crankset Octalink 48-38-28
Chain 9-gear KMC.

On the bike stand all is great, shifting up and down without much hesitation, chain line looks nice and straight. When the bike is ridden the chain jumps under force when the front 38T sprocket and the rear 5,6 or 7th gear is chosen.

I changed the chain to a Shimano 9-speed (HG-53), it did the same. I changed the cassette to a lower-end Shimano 9-speed with both the new and old chain and the jumping is still there. I was about to downgrade the rear mech to a Deore one but first I'd like to see if anyone here can help me. Sorry for the long post. Thanks.
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