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Shimano XT brake bundle from CRC

TCottleTCottle Posts: 65
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

My bike mechanic skills are pretty novice at best, so excuse the below if it's a totally daft question.

I'm looking at buying some XT brakes in CRC's Black Friday Sale;

This builder is confusing the hell out of me... which is easily done to be fair.

As I go through the brake building kit and add it to my basket I'm left with the followings items;

- Shimano XT M785 Disc Brake (Front Right Hand)
- Shimano XT Disc Rotor 203mm
- Shimano mount adapter front post to IS
- Clarks Shimano XT sintered pads
Total of £91.96p.

Now, that reads to me as a full brake set for the FRONT of the bike.

Do I need to go through the brake building kit again and add all of the above once more, but for the REAR of the bike?

Hope that makes sense, but that will take the price up to £180... which is less cool.




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