Remembrance Sunday Thread...

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Morning Losers!

It's absolutely tipping it down here in Bury. I'm just getting ready to head off to the Remembrance Day Service at the local garrison church, then off into town with some friends for a bite to eat.

Last nights FA cup match was brilliant, a fantastic 4-0 win, and then the bonfire in the evening was brilliant too, so all in all, a good day.

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    Morning one and all.

    A weekend of wins TKM!

    Not sure what, if anything is on locally for remembrance Sunday but know they make a thing of it on the eleventh whence I shall be at the local war memorial with medals. I know of one old local chap who is in his nineties that served in the resistance and spent time being looked after by ze Germans until he escaped, be nice to meet him.

    No excuses to get the tractor out on this gloriously sunny day as the house maid needs my assistance prior to the arrival of one's parents, I'll do a good job as I'm hoping they are bringing lots of their saved up pension to spend filling my sorry looking wine store!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Very soggy ride this morning. Finished by stopping off just in time for the remembrance parade, I was freezing by the time it finished

    Just had a pig based lunch, followed opening of lots of cycling based presents as I won't have time tomorrow

    Later is both sets of parents over for dinner and wine
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    Happy birthday old boy.

    Afternoon Mongs (and Mongues in Fance?),

    Took hound for a walk, ogled Sunday girls at Waitrose while supping free coffee and had bacon & eggs for lunch. So far so good :) Now listening to footy in the car while Stropteen rides gee-gees. Not looking the 5 day week coming up...
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    Evening people,

    Pretty rubbish ride today. Went to the remembrance parade before riding got some funny looks rocking up in a full face an body armour but hey I was there and paid my respects. Ride was rubbish lovely an wet but id had to rush indexing in the garage so ended up with about four gears. Bit of trailside bodging got me one more.
    Then on a decent came a cropper on some leaves hiding a log slashed my right shin open on something an ended up caked in mud.
    An how does soap sting more than surgical spirit?