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What forks for this setup?

Suicidal_TissueSuicidal_Tissue Posts: 2
edited September 2015 in MTB buying advice
Hi, I'm currently looking for some new forks to buy for my Genesis core 20, I used to run 120mm Rockshox Toras, however i found them to lift a lot when climbing anything however i liked the travel for downhills.

I ended up putting on some 80mm Reba SLs to see if that helped, it did but I'm constantly maxing them out when I'm riding on trails.

Are there any forks which have a lot of travel that are "short"? I'm currently looking at some 100mms but not sure if length == travel amount.



  • The core was designed for 120mm forks wasnt it?

    You could try some u-turn or dual position forks that you can drop for climbing and raise for descending perhaps - but I dont believe the Core should need it and I'd imagine those 80mm forks must make it pretty twitchy steering wise?
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