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Carbon synapse 105 for beginner?

bikedude31bikedude31 Posts: 2
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Originally I was between the defy 2 and the canondale synapse tiagra which are both around ~1200. I definitely want something that has a more comfort/endurance based geometry. My question is after seeing the canondale synapse carbon 5 105 which is around $2400, but it seems like the extra cost may be worth it. Get's really good reviews, has the new shimano 105 and it's all carbon so it should absorb the road a little more than those aluminum bikes which would be nice.

So my question is I've kind of been focused on Giant\Canondale and while I have researched Fuji, Trek, and some others Canondale is the one that always comes to the front, probably because my LBS is a huge reseller. Is there another good bike I am missing that is cheaper or better bang/buck? Like I said, I am new, and never owned a road bike, but I am kind of "buy once cry once" and don't want to spend $1200ish on a bike just to want to move up right away because the other bike will ride, shift, handle, be that much more comfortable.

I will obviously test ride each before just buying one. I just want to make sure I don't miss anything! Thanks


  • Test ride at the LBS, if it fits, you like the look of it and it's within your budget then whats the issue?

    105 isn't going to cause you any problems, TBH neither is Tiagra.
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    The carbon Synapse is one of the best endurance frames at the moment, and 11 speed 105 (5800) is probably the sweet spot in terms of bang per buck among the current crop of Shimano groupsets.

    So if you try one, it fits, and you like the look of it, I doubt you'd be regretting buying it in a year or two. It's probably what I'd buy if I was choosing a bike now.
  • Bigger (and more supple) tyres will smooth out your ride more than any frame (or the material it is made from) will.
  • I just bought one and its my second road bike. Great value for money and well worth it. If it rides well for you go for it!
  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    I've got the Ultegra version which I believe is the same frame see: viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=13035154&p=19686661&hilit=synapse+carbon+ultegra#p19686661. Fantastic bike - very comfortable over distance (more so than my Allez which is a good bike in itself) and fast as well as very nice to look at (IMHO anyway). I can't speak for 105 from personal experience but others say that it is close enough to Ultegra to be the 'sweet spot' in the Shimano range. As to whether it is OK for a beginner, my response would be why not? If you can afford it now, go for it and save yourself from the first attack of upgraditis that will inevitably bite if you go for a cheaper bike. Owning such a nice bike might even encourage you to ride more which can only be a good thing.
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