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Ive been thinking of getting a Giro Synthe, but just looking at the sizing I have the same problem I have with my current helmet. My head measures 59cm, putting me at the max of a medium and the min of a large.

I have a Lazer Blade at the minute in medium - it fits, but is very tight and theres no way I could get a winter cap underneath. I had a large at first, but it was just far too big and settled for the medium.

Does anyone know of any make/model that has a different cut off point in size - i.e: perhaps a medium that goes up to 60cm so that I would have a nice close fit, but with room for a cap when required.

Any options considered - and the less "mushroomy" the better! :lol:


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    Stop looking at pictures and go to a shop or two and try a load. Helmets have many different shapes and sizes (even from the same manufacturers) so some will fit and some won't. You will be astounded by how different they all feel and that one or two will be significantly better - and those are obviously the ones that you then choose from.
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    Yeah, I know trying them is the best thing - but getting time to go up to London and then finding a shop with a wide range is a real pain in the behind.
    Im sure I can't be the only one who has found this problem - so any suggestions here would help me narrow down the field, so I can then target a shop that has all the prospective helmets to try.