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1x11 & 27.5 Wheels for a new build

sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
edited July 2015 in MTB buying advice
I am buying a new Bionicon edison frame set but with upgraded rear shock and black stanchions on the metric hlr fork. So this colour frame:


with this suspension:


There isnt anything really wrong with my current one but i just fancy something new and the new edison looks superb.

I was going to buy an off the peg build which to be fair look very well specced but i like to fettle and i have some parts which i can donate to the build from my own bike. turns out my current build sheet will cost about 500 quid less than the off the peg model.

So, ive not been around bikes much in the last couple of years really so i am learning about some new stuff. as such i could do with some advice about the merits of 1x11 and 27.5 wheels.

I currently run 2x9 with 22 36 at the front and something like 11-32 at the back. it does what i do fine and im tempted to just move the drivetrain across. How will i find the gear spread with 1x11 using something like 32t front and 10-42?

next, 26.5 wheels: what is a good of the peg wheelset for around 500 quid? that being said, i hve looked at a set of superstarcomponent wheels for 250 quid which look a decent weight and spec so is there any reason why i shouldnt buy those?


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