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Rockshox Reverb Stealth - Post Head "unscrewed" after crash

SkonkSkonk Posts: 364
edited July 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Had a bit of an off on the MTB today, no biggy, pretty much just a sideways fall.

But as I landed, the weight of my right thigh on the front of the seat caused the Post Head to partially unsacrew it's self from the Upper Post (note that the seat clamp was torqued to the listed 5nm, so I was surprised that the post it's self didn't simply turn in the seat tube).

I twisted it back; it appears to be threaded and just held on by being pretty much screwed into the Upper Post and it tightened up fine and I completed my ride without it any issues.

But I am worried I've damaged it.

Anyone have any experience with this and could offer some advice on what happened?



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  • buddy_clubbuddy_club Posts: 935
    Seems a pretty freak thing - have you considered contacting SRAM about it?
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  • SkonkSkonk Posts: 364
    Yeh I looked at contacting SRAM but they have no UK branch it seems so would have to be via email.

    I actually gave TF Tuned a ring to ask their advice (since they do service these) and the tech I spoke to had never seen it happen (and it's not something they mess with during a service).

    Pretty much just said if it's working fine just leave it... which is what I reckon I'll do :)
    Canyon Spectral AL 9.0 EX
    Planet X RT90 Ultegra Di2
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