Hill Training

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been riding for 2 mths now, and just cant handle what 'looks' to be a simple climb? (on or off road)

gets to the stage where my legs wont push anymore (lactic acid?) and my breathings a struggle.

what can I do to cope better with hills?

I,m 44, 5 ft 7 in, and 15st 9lbs (if this helps)


  • iwilldoit
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    As Oxoman said :)

    For me I started at 51, hated hills , but at the end of the day if you enjoy going down you have to go up, I spend a lot of my time training on hills and some hills I would stop 3-4 times to get my breath now 12 months on are quite easy, take your time and don't get disheartened set your goals small and enjoy it when you reach them.
  • plugp7
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    I find it's best to start a hill in a low gear. Finding part way up your in too high a gear, when you legs are burning or your lung are fit to burst, will really drain confidence. As you get more experienced, you may be able to start in higher gears.
    Better to spin away and take it easy all the way up. There's no shame in this. Remain seated all the time. Standing wastes energy. It's alright if your a yoof.
    As said above, it aint a race. Just enjoy it for what it is. You'll get there. I did and still am and I'm considerably older than you are!!!
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  • robertpb
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    Your legs can't give what your heart won't supply, because your lungs can't supply enough oxygen.

    So you have to start with your lungs and improve their capacity and efficiency.

    You do this by going on long steady rides on the flat, without busting a gut, this is also the best way to loose those extra pounds.

    Patience in doing this will bring rewards, trying to get up hills and blowing up is a route to disaster.

    I love going up hills, but then I'm a 64 year old competitive s*d.
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