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Advice Please: Fork Stand for turbo trainer......

dandelyondandelyon Posts: 145
Just got an old bike that I'm going to restore and adapt for as a permanent indoor trainer.
I have a turbo trainer. My question is would this front fork stand ( for rollers) ( be suitable if I screw or bold the legs base onto a woodblock for height compensation and adding stability?
Thank you for your comments, advice and other constructive insights.


  • BrandonABrandonA Posts: 553
    I find the best fork stand for my bike when I turbo train is a front wheel. Any reason why you would not use the same? You can pick up cheap ones for similar prices to this device.

    It looks like the device you have found has to be attached to the floor. This makes me think of two things. Firstly, are you able to attach it do your floor, if you don't then I think it could fall over an potentially damage your forks. Secondly, when you turbo you bike may move around a bit, if you attach the wheel then this will not be possible, not sure what this could do to the frame
  • bsharp77bsharp77 Posts: 533
    If anyone can find something small and reliable id like to know too - I asked about this a while back and couldn't find a nice solution.

    Having no front wheel reduces the amount of space needed by quite a bit, and it also looks a lot tidier - there is no need to have a wheel on the front of a dedicated turbo bike.
  • markhewitt1978markhewitt1978 Posts: 7,614
    I'm looking for something similar. Why not a front wheel? Because is a small spare bedroom a 700c bicycle wheel takes up a lot of space, especially in front of the bike which is where I want to have my fans, TV for Zwift and the likes. The front wheel is basically taking up all the space where I would otherwise have a floor standing fan.
  • aukrayaukray Posts: 47
    Planet X do something very similar for half the price - ... rks-stands

    I'd be confident that it would do the job, fixed firmly to a board, or to a couple of strips of 3"x1", say.

    I have my forks clamped in a rather similar way, using part of a very old turbo frame, made of square-section steel. Nice and stable and, as you say, it saves space where your floor-standing fan will go.
  • Hang ropes from the ceiling and tie to the bars, negating the need for any legs on the fork and saving even more room.
  • I eventually solved the problem of not enough space in front of the bike by turning my wheel sideways (then setting my handlebars straight of course), works fine!
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