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4 bike towbar mounted rack & Brittany Ferries

hellybikehellybike Posts: 3
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Has anyone got experience of Brittany Ferries & managing the ramps with an Atera Strada 3+1 towbar mounted bike rack?
We have managed on Hull P&O Ok but have had a few issues over speedbumps / reversing up driveways recently so don't want to bottom out the rack.
Also, anyone know whether if we go on the economie ferry whether there is ANY chance we'd be put on the deck for the bikes to get sprayed with salt water?
Thank you


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,440
    Can't comment on the ferry side of the question, however regarding the towbar issue I may be able to help. Check your towball is sitting right in its mounting bracket, I had similar issue and found it was pointed slightly down not a problem for trailers but caused my pendle rack to catch on speed bumps etc. Undid the bolts lifted up the ball slightly has been ok since, not nice hearing the rack drag on the road.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • hellybikehellybike Posts: 3
    Thank you for taking the time to reply - we'll get that checked out. Our most recent one was trying to reverse up a slightly inclined drive - we do appreciate it is sticking out from the car but sometimes we're gritting our teeth that we're not going to get 'the noise'
  • If you are going on the fast cat with bikes on the roof you often have to reverse up the ramp and park right at the back in the spray. On the bigger ships most cars are under cover. The advantage of reversing on is that you get to be first off, but I would have thought with a bike rack on the back you'll just be in with all the other cars.
  • PdodPdod Posts: 3

    Just looking at whether our atera bike rack might ground on ferry ramps as it does on my in-law's drive and you post came up. Just wondering if you had any problems on the ferry? I know it was a while a go. Thanks.
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