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Shoulder surgery

dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
As a bit of an update form my previous Anyone had Corticosteroid injections? thread I'm going to have to have surgery on my shoulder.
After the injections the pain and restricted movement have slowly crept back over the last few months to the point I was at before I had the injection.

Went to see the shoulder specialist yesterday who did a scan and xray (first ones in nearly 18 months...)

Basically the collar bone and shoulder blade joint (AC Joint) has become pitted/roughed up on both collar bone and shoulder blade due to the impact and subsequent grinding together.

This is causing swelling and a build up of fluid which is pushing the joint open.
I should have taken a picture of the xray - looked a bit of a mess.

Surgery will smooth off the section of shoulder blade and remove between 5-10mm form the end of my collar bone.
Will also have the shoulder joint scraped to remove any scar tissue as the joint appear to be impinged.

Scheduled for October/November time so no winter riding - or possibly very little riding at all next year depending on recovery time......


  • dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
    Anyone had this (or similar) surgery?
    Not looking forward to it tbh.
    Recovery time is what's worrying me the most.

    Any advice welcome.

  • mlgtmlgt Posts: 366
    Keyhole surgery is quite advanced these days. I had a messy shoulder due to many dislocations during my early basketball career.
    I was given an early operation time, but ended going under around 10am and was wheeled back out around 1pm. Recovery time for me after surgery was around 10 days. I went back to work within that time and granted I was in a sling for the first week, the most annoying part was trying to sleep after the painkillers wore off after surgery. I didn't take the painkillers supplied but still got by.

    Physio is the key factor to become stronger again. A lot of resistance band exercises and stretching after a few weeks. Your body will tell you how you are recovering. Fast forward 9 years and I have a good range of momvent. Sometimes the ball socket does kink a little which sends warning bells back to me. But nothing has popped out of place since.

    Rest up, get lots of things to watch, streaming stuff is much more easier these days compared to DVD collections :)

    Turbo training is another way to get some exercise in week 2-3 I reckon. As again depends how quickly you can heal. I can now lift over 90kg without the shoulder feeling loose.
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