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I'm guessing that others see these as well.

Why are they all about cars?

The older I get, the better I was.


  • Captain Fagor
    Captain Fagor Posts: 739
    Yours are all about cars? Right now I have grid girls, clothing malfunctions and beautiful newscasters. I want to click them to see the beautfull laydeez, but must resist....[they are safe, yes?]

    That said, there was one recently showing an apparently abandoned Jaguar XJ220 in the middle east. That tempted me too.
  • sungod
    sungod Posts: 16,863
    i'm guessing the combination of postings about top gear, lycra, various car/lorry related tales/rants, the weather, and the 'big' girls thread may be a factor
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  • capt_slog
    capt_slog Posts: 3,960
    i got the grid girls one too, but even that is car related. (as you "do you want to crashes or grid girls?")

    I've also had the one about the pretty newscasters, and the nice young lady in a low top bending forward in a field.

    The older I get, the better I was.

  • veronese68
    veronese68 Posts: 27,560
    I thought mine were mostly about cars because I work in the motor trade so tend to have a lot of car based stuff in my history. I thought pretty girls was obvious so didn't question it, must confess the obliging young lady bending over in a field does look very pleasant.