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Rebellin not allowed at the Giro



  • mididoctorsmididoctors Posts: 12,948
    Currently I'm totally in favour of doping hate hypocrisy.

    Largely because its seems impossible to get anything done about doping without it. I will carry on being in favour until its no longer supportable on the grounds of effectiveness.
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  • No_Ta_DoctorNo_Ta_Doctor Posts: 11,940

    Can we not discount Cunego from Mantova? My understanding is that he's guilty of being a cyclist who knows some other cyclists and talks to them on the phone. Also, hasn't this been going on for about 5 years without any charges being laid?

    And he has admitted doping to his Giro win, I think. Albiet in a Vaughters type of a way.

    I can't say I've really been following that particular ultra-slo-mo train crash of an investigation, or Cunego. He's just on my dodgy list. Can't remember him ever fessing up though, I might have more respect for him if he did.

    But I'm not a race organiser, just a fan, so I'm fully entitled to have double standards and fluffy criteria for who I like and don't like ;-)
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  • disgruntledgoatdisgruntledgoat Posts: 8,957
    I think he said in about 2008 that the rider that won the Giro was a different person and not coming back.

    He also said the next year after winnign it that having a kid changed his outlook and the way he rode.

    Read into those what you will.
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  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    TheBigBean wrote:

    Everyone's convinced the guy's still juiced up.

    Separately everyone says the advantage doping gives is much smaller than it used to be, and testing is better.

    This is just the Great BR Contradiction.

    Valverde, Contador etc are all still doping and can only win because of it, but Wiggins, Froome, Cavendish, [insert favourite rider], etc, are the cleanest riders ever because the risk and rewards of doping in today's super clean era simply don't pay off.

    You're quite right TheBigBean. There is no 'superclean era', it is just the same but in smaller quantities in line with what riders can get away with, with a smattering of clean riders who now have more of a chance of winning than 10 years ago.

    Here. Says it all really. He can still get round the tests and plenty of others do too. ... _pays_off/
  • thegibdogthegibdog Posts: 2,106
    The real reason that they don't want him at the Giro is that he flouts the Bikeradar rule that you can spot a pro a mile off, on account of him looking like a sportivist.
  • ProssPross Posts: 34,870
    To be positive about this (no pun!), if race organisers all start taking this approach then there is less chance that Pro Conti teams will take on convicted dopers that the WT teams won't touch as there's no point paying them if they won't be allowed to race.
  • deejaydeejay Posts: 3,138
    RichN95 wrote:
    Rebellin hasn't started the Giro since 2008 and hasn't finished it since 2000. So no-one's missing out much.
    I thought he became "Argentinian" and now after the Contador Ban I can underststand why.
    It's the frigging Meat that has Clem in it. ??
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