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Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensors

joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 563
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I have a Wahoo Blue SC, but the cadence doesn't work (bought dirt cheap 2nd hand "sold as seen"). I'd like to replace it, but I don't really want to spend much money. eBay has quite a selection of unbranded/unknown brand options for pretty cheap (sub £20, mostly from China or HK) but I'm wary of risking "buy cheap, buy twice", so I have a dilemma - spend a bit more than I'd like on a recognised brand that I'm confident will work, or take a chance on the cheaper option. Does anyone here have any experience of cheap bluetooth speed & cadence sensors?


  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    I would recommend the cheap one from Decathlon (cost about £15 quid as I recall, perhaps closer to £10) but they appear to have removed it from their website so I'm not sure if they still do it - If you happen to have a decathlon nearby, pop in and see if they have one, mine has worked a treat in all conditions for a year or so (at time of writing).

    Sorry, ignore me, you want bluetooth, the decathlon one is Ant+. I wish you luck! :D
  • mugensimugensi Posts: 559
    I bought this one >>> eBay about a year ago and it has worked faultlessly since then but saying that it has done most of its work on the bike while on the turbo (works with various apps to record distance and cadence on turbo sesssions) Its also the cheapest available that i could find.
  • joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 563
    Thanks for the feedback :)
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