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SLX brakes lever travel?

jhinton2010jhinton2010 Posts: 88
edited March 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, my slx brakes (m675) have always had a lot of travel in the lever before anything happens braking wise. Nothing at all for the first half of the lever movement. Brakes engage a bit at about half way and pull fairly easily all the way to the bar for full locking up. Is this normal, had them bled at a shop when i got them and they said that its normal but im not so sure, thinking of going to another shop to get them to try again but not sure if it will actually make any difference?


  • dgunthordgunthor Posts: 644
    look how soon the pads start to move when you squeeze the lever - if they don't move right away then bleed them. bleeding isn't hard, have a google and then have a go.
  • poahpoah Posts: 3,369
    take the wheel off, pull the lever a bit (not too far as you'll pop the pistons out), refit wheel
  • Bled them last night but think i need to do front again. Sorted back by taking wheel out and pumping pistons out a small amount then reinstalling wheel. Lots less free movement in lever now.
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