The Spoked Wheel, Sheffield

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Has anyone got any experience of buying handbuilt wheels from these guys? Just after a bit of feedback as considering a purchase from them...


  • cycleclinic
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    no idea what thry are like, but pay a visit and ask them some questions like how do they ensure wheels stay true. It is a open ended question a vague response does not mean they don't know what they are doing but it could mean they are not good at explaining it but a precise answer like they use a spoke tension gauge to ensure even tension and 1200N Ds rear spoke tensikn and around 1000N fromt spoke tension means they do know what they are doing. Also see what spokes they suggest. If they suggest plain gauage then there are better spokes. If they do not use any of the modern wider rims it simply means they are bit too traditional so your options are narrowed. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    Can't help with these guys, but if you need another option try Just Riding Along at Oughtibridge. I had a pair of Dura Ace on Sl23's built by them last year and they are fantastic.