CaaD10 with Fulcrum Racing Zero Nites

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dewinterized and more or less fettled for 2015.


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    That looks awesome. Lot's of people will want to know what the wheels are like...
  • jgsi
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    The Zeros a bit of treat for myself. Had them 5 weeks and as per usual feel and handle (Schwalbe Ones) pretty like what Fulcrum wheels do well.... no dramas.
    Purchased from Euroland.
    Using carbon pads, I personally dont have issues re braking and I can now swap to my full carbon tubs without to change the pads.
    I'm glad I went for these instead of the F2Rs I was considering.
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    Cheers for the feedback and again, lovely looking steed.
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    That looks great but I wouldn't have bought a bottle that looks like an upside down bin! :-)
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    Very nice!!!

    Whats the full spec and weight?
  • jgsi
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    Spec is a bit of a non pedigree to say the least:
    Wt is a genuine 7.4kg
    105 rear mech (but have Dura Ace to go back on)
    Ultegra front mech
    FSA SLK crankset BB30
    Fizik alloy Cyrano seatpost
    Fizik R1 Cyrano 130mm stem 20 deg (so config is minus 3 degree) (blessed with good hip flexibility)
    Bars SLK K Force
    Selle Italia SLR (have the carbon version to go on)
    105 shifters ( I tend to bend or scratch them on various occasions - so have a full set in reserve)
    Dura Ace 7900 brakes
    The other wheels are F6R tubs with Paves on them, which are hateful... so tubular Schwalbe Ones ready to go on.

    The bucket bottle will contain my rhubarb race brew and the bike has been built since 2014, is good to go for another season. I tend to keep my eye open for those higher spec components appear in a sale.
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    very cool bike! wonderful colors!
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    Fantastic understated build. Very nicely done.
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    I'm on the brink of buying a CAAD10. I'm a fair old size at 6'6" and 15.5 stone and they do a nice big 62cm frame. had plenty try to encourage me to buy carbon but I'm tending towards one of these.

    Any tips?

    OP - That looks a mighty fine set up you have there, hope you enjoy it. Apologies for the hijack.
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  • jgsi
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    The Caad10 is fairly focussed. The alloy frame is equal to all you can give it.
    There is a large framed Caad 9 on Ebay right now (in Bristol).. you might get yourself a bargain there.
    The 9 was the last to have been built in the States.
    The seller doesnt seem to have much empathy for what are superb frames as it is definitely in need of tlc.
    If I could afford it I would also have had a carbon framed SuperSix in hi mod.
    You could just keep your eye open for bargains as those large frames that are for you are also in lesser demand.