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mrb0139mrb0139 Posts: 5
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My Better weather bike is ready and waiting.. (Well will be after a little rear derailleur maintenance)

BMC team machine SLR01 2014 (56cm), Dura ace group set 52/36, 11-28 cassette, 3T ergosum team bars 42cm, 3T ARX TEAM STEM 110mm, Fizik antares saddle carbon rails, Fulcrum racing zero nite wheelset, ultegra 6800 peddles, Conti GP4000 s ii tyres

Struggling to add the picture.


  • hector88hector88 Posts: 44
    Don't usually like black and red bikes but that is lovely.
  • I must say I'm quite partial to a red and black bike :)
    Very nice. What are the Fulcrum Nites like?
  • maxlitemaxlite Posts: 293
    Great looking bike, love the Fulcrum's
    Cervelo R5
    Cinelli Saetta
    Giant XTC
    Raleigh Classic
  • nammynakenammynake Posts: 196
    Interested in your thoughts on the Fulcrums. Looking for a new wheelset and can't find any reviews (tests) of these.
  • iron-cloveriron-clover Posts: 737
    I think you have my dream bike right there 8)
  • SpeckledSpeckled Posts: 97
    Very nice bike!

    im also interested to hear about the fulcrums, considering getting some for my summer wheels
  • AlugeniusAlugenius Posts: 21
    Very smart. 8) 8)
  • mrb0139mrb0139 Posts: 5
    Slight update. Got out this morning, wheels seem very stiff, obviously super smooth hubs, lightweight although that doesn't really affect performance. Brakes were spot on, I wanna say felt softer but that's not the best word perhaps more cushioned maybe, but still super shape braking power, I can't fault them at all right now, but I have been riding Ultegra 6700 groupset for 6 months so it could be a load of rubbish. I love riding this bike it seems to fit me or suit me better than my TCR, these wheels finish it off a treat for aesthetics and performance, in my opinion. More of an update when I've put some (dry) miles on them.
  • Gorgeous! BMC bikes are amazing. Love the black and red color scheme-very striking.
  • norvernrobnorvernrob Posts: 1,447
    Great looking bike, you may have just cost me some new wheels.. :lol:
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