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Returning to MTB

Graham1426Graham1426 Posts: 30
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Hi Guys/Gals

It's been a couple of years since i have been here on the MTB section, currently a roadie but want to get off the roads for change onto the trails ect.

I'm currently looking at this Cube Reaction GTC Pro 27.5 Hardtail Bike 2014, i know Cube make good road bikes as i own one a long with a Pinarello.

Does anyone on here own the Cube Reaction GTC Pro 27.5 Hardtail Bike 2014 or know if it's any good for me to "dip" my toe into MTB.


Cube Agree GTC


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    Link to specs helps, so we know we are looking at the right bike!

    Assuming it is this bike ... prod114147

    Then for UK use you'll want to be changing the tyres, many find the OE saddle less than optimal as well, other wise it looks a decent spec.
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  • scoiscoi Posts: 103
    That bike has been reviewed on this site so have a look at what it says, as therookie says, the tyres aren't the best but at least that's an easy replacement. A thousand seems a lot of money to invest in something to try out and there may be better at that price point, google MBR hardtail of the year 2014 for some suggestions.

    You could probably get a good enough bike to really understand if you like off road for significantly less money, especially if you get some discounts from certain retailers. But it's all about the fit at the end of the day.
  • Yes that's the bike, i read the MBR review which basically praised the frame but said the fork and tyres let the bike down.

    I could upgrade the fork when necessary, and like mentioned here the tyres are an easy upgrade. I dont want to buy a cheaper bike that will be "clumpy" and detract from my enjoyment.

    Has i have quality road bikes i dont want to comprise with my MTB, and being a Cube fan felt this was a good deal.
    Cube Agree GTC
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