Gravity Project Round 1 - Liphook

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Anyone riding? Anyone ridden the track before? Will I survive on a 140mm travel trail bike? I might check it out if the weather isn't too horrendous, would be my first DH race.


  • I racing, not ridden the track but been there and seen it. Its Not to hard some cool steep loamy bits but no big features. Its a loamy top soil and sandy underneath so drain quite well.

    Should be a good race, its also rd1 of the Bird Hardail Super Series which I am part of organising. Maybe see you Sunday :)
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    As steep or steeper than the enduro bits at QE? The new bit is a proper brown trouser experience!
  • TwellySmat wrote:
    As steep or steeper than the enduro bits at QE? The new bit is a proper brown trouser experience!
    Think stage one of last years day and night enduro but different soil type of course.
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    Ok well I managed to get round the enduro in one piece so should be ok on Sunday..
  • :):D
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    Few pictures from today.

    I ended up working a long day yesterday so decided to have a lie in this morning rather than sign on to race. Got up to Liphook in time to watch the race runs. Some very quick guys riding, incuding Brendan Fairclough (who I heard stacked it big time on the first corner!).

    The first picture isn't mine, nicked it from BigMacPhotography but it does help show how loose and squidgy the track was.

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    Bit of footage, mostly from the carnage corner, but whenever I was pointing the camera everyone managed to stay on two wheels.
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    I had a great time, plus only 1 OTB :)
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    Probably less than most, never seen so many faceplants
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