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Cannondale synapse 6 Tiagra

jamie678jamie678 Posts: 8
edited February 2015 in Road buying advice
Anyone had any experience with this bike?

Looking to buy my first road bike and I can pick up a second hand 2013 model for under £300 which is my budget, struggling to find many reviews online so just wondering if anyones heard good/bad things about it?

I'll be looking to do the prudential ride London 100 mile cycle on this bike come august so I need it to be suitable for long hilly rides


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    Is it the alloy framed model with caliper brakes you are referring to? The Synapse is their endurance/sportive bike so you should have no trouble with a 100 mile ride as long as you get one the correct size. ... -synapse-6
  • Own one, it's stood me very well as a trainer/commuter. You'll have no trouble putting 100 miles in on it.

    The stock wheels/tyres and brakes aren't amazing, and I couldn't get on with the bar tape and saddle (YMMV) , but the frame/fork are solid, very comfortable and not hugely heavy, and Tiagra works very well. It's a very smooth platform, particularly with decent 25mm tyres on there.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    My wife has the 2014 version of the bike and once the brakes were upgraded it has been fine. If the bike is in good condition then £300 sounds fair.
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