Alternative to helicopter tape? Superstar Garmin mount ? ?

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Has anyone used this?
Is it any good?

Also I was looking at their Garmin mounts...
Does anyone have any feedback on these? Are they worth a punt, or would I be safer getting a SRAM or Garmin one?

They look as if the Garmin connects to the wrong side of the bracket (if you know what I mean)?


  • I've got a superstar one and a sram one. Both do the job but the SRaM is in my opinion better by far, holds the 510 in much more solidly and for me puts it in a better position. Plus I think the design looks better (despite the big logo!). It's also cheaper than the superstar mount.

    I haven't tried a Garmin or K edge etc
  • gimpl
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    I've got one of their Garmin mounts and it works fine - holds it securely, no rattle. I can't comment on any other type though as I've only got this one.