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My commuting battleship road bike is on its last legs, a Carrera Virtuoso - I've basically worn it out. The weight, comfort and standard of the shifting (8 speed sora) is starting to really get on my nerves. My main riding bike is a Cannondale Synapse 5 - the difference between the two bikes is simply too much that it makes riding the Carrera unenjoyable. So I'm looking at replacing it, before it falls apart. I also use the bike for training when I make the commute longer or go out at lunchtime.

Simple specification for the bike:

Full Carbon
105 drivetrain

Budget £1200ish

I've been looking at the following:

Specialised Tarmac 2015

Evans were heavily plugging the Cannondale Super Six Evo but I do quite fancy trying another make for a second bike.

Can anyone recommend any other bikes to me? Or recommend a Tarmac or SLR? I did take a Tarmac for a quick spin and it seemed ok, need to test a BMC next.

Thanks in advance.


  • If this size (only available in L) fits you, this is what I'd be getting right now, and relegate the Synapse (I presume it's alloy) to be your commuter / training bike. ... -2014.html
  • Thanks for the tip on the Focus - hadn't considered those before, good price. My Synapse is a 54.

    Not sure about relegating the Synapse, it's full carbon and an absolutely brilliant bike!
  • I'm not sure why you are looking exclusively for a carbon framed bike for commuting on- I would have thought a more solid alloy (or even steel!) bike would be better to take any knocks etc from the daily grind. You'll also definitely want to be able to fit full mudguards to keep things comfortable.

    For a second/ commuting bike I would personally lean towards a CX or Touring bike which can mount panniers if needed to save on backpacks, and can take large tyres and tackle more than just tarmac.

    Personally I'd have thought a Spesh Tarmac would not be the best choice for commuting on because of lack of mudguard mounting and tyre clearance.

    But at the end of the day the choice is yours!
  • Commuting draws up an image of a long battle over rain soaked roads but that probably isn't what I was looking for here. Really the commuting is a small part of it, a very tiny part of it. Maybe 20% of the daily distance covered.

    Just looking for something good to ride, that will be quick and fun to use. Not sure on mud guards. [sharp intake of breath all round]
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    I loved the BMC SLR and a friend of mine made it his favourite bike and is looking for the top end one for the summer.
    I prefer my tarmac though, however it is an S Works so would be an unfair comparison.

    I'm with the cyclocross idea unless you are just after a second bike for fun and a bit of commuting especially as you have a synapse. Or if you want something racier and demote the synapse.
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  • In which case I'd probably jump on the BMC Teammachine- that is currently my carbon dream bike, although no doubt the Tarmac is also a fine machine :)
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    If you want carbon, don't want mudgurds but love the Synapse, then why not just use the Synapse? Perhps get another pair of wheels instead? On set for winter training / commuting & one for best.

    Either that are go for a cheaper alu bike - planet x, ribble and the like. One reason to have a commuter bike is bike crime of course - depends where you leave it. Others include guards, rack & sometimes running wider tyres.
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    I like the look of the Whyte range of bikes. Look perfect for commuting and winter riding. Might be worth a look
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    Planet X complete bike?

    Planet X carbon frame and forks in the sale for £400, my 105 for a snip, seat post, bars etc in the P/x or other sales for next to nothing - full carbon complete bike for less than a grand all built to your dimensions (ie stem length, bar width, etc).
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