10 "overlooked" maintenance items

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I know you've decided to force social media logon for commenting - which is idiotic - but now you seem to have disabled it completely. Why?

I wanted to comment on the http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/arti ... nce-43383/ article:

1. "Coarse" file, not "course" file. Of course.
2. Really - these are the "overlooked" service items? What the hell do people actually do when the service the bike, then? I'd have thought these were the "obvious" service items, and the overlooked ones would be:
a) Bottom bracket bearing condition and preload - because you have to drop the crank
b) Spoke tension, especially NDS
c) Wheel hub bearings, especially Shimano-style cup & cone; also bearing pre-load
d) Spanner-check - checking that all bolts are to specified torque; especially headset bolt and crank pinch bolts
e) Rear derailleur jockey wheels - take the cage apart, clean the hair/grass/other crap out of the bearings
f) Brake centering - check that the brakes are pulling evenly, not deflecting the rim
g) Confirm the seatpost can be removed, before it seizes - especially alloy posts in steel frames
h) (for Di2/EPS) Firmware updates - how many people ever do this?
i) Saddle height and alignment - check the seatpost hasn't slipped and the saddle is perfectly level

That's only 9, I know, but then I'm not writing for Buzzfeed.


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    Still don't think comments is active and has not been so for a few months.
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    Hi 964Cup,

    We've had to disable it due to there being an issue with the comment software provider - we felt it safest to remove it for now until we're sure all issues have been resolved with them.

    I agree it's a really useful feature to have on the site.