Wahoo KICKR or Stages PM

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick question, I've been riding for 18 months now and last year completed a number of long sportives and hill climbing time trials.

This year I am looking at participating in some local 10's and 25's with a trip to Italy to ride another sportive. My weekly average volume is about 12-14hrs split over 3 longer rides, 8 (5miles) short commutes and one or two turbo/rollers sessions.
I am looking at planning/structuring my training more and would find it very useful to train with PM, hence my question. What do you all think would be better for someone in my position?
Slowly but surely! :)


  • Mccaria
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    Doesn't seem to be much turbo time in there, so probably the Stages

    Have just bought a KICKR, but I do probably 4 sessions a week on the turbo in winter so always looking for something to take away from the boredom !
  • Power meter then you can use that on your bike outside *and* on a cheaper turbo?
  • Irohug5
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    As above. Power meter is one of the best tools you can get for the bike if you're serious about improving. And as said above, no point getting an expensive trainer so you can only use the power for 20% of your ride time - get stages (or something like 4iii if you have compatible cranks) and you can use it for every ride