Garmin 810 cadence sensor and HRM

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Hi All,

Going to buy a Garmin 810 this week when I can catch amazon's prices at the right time as they seem to change every day.

My question is, can I use any HRM and cadence sensor as long as they are both ANT+? If so, can anybody recommend if it's worth doing this to save money over Garmin products? Or should I stick with Garmin and stop being a cheap skate?

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  • cattytown
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    Any ant+ should be fine. Worth it? probably not if you are getting the bundle from Garmin. The bundle price to add sensors is normally less than the cost of sensors.

    I don't know if Garmin are doing the no magnet sensors in the bundles though.

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    get it from handtec. they have stock now and are cheaper than amazon
  • Mr Dog
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    +1 for Handtec. Best prices around. Recent firmware upgrade from Garmin brings the 810 many features of the 1000. :D
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    I must admit I didn't look - what has been added?

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