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Canyon Endurace or Rose Xeon CGF-2000

roubaixtomroubaixtom Posts: 316
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I have posted a couple of times about the Canyon and the Rose. Due to the reasonably long delivery times i want to get a bike ordered soon. I have narrowed it down to the Xeon CGF-2000 and the Canyon Endurace CF 8.0. Im now leaning towards the Rose for a number of reasons:

- The 4 week stem and saddle replacement
- 10 year frame warranty
- Possibility to customise build for free (canyon charge £17 per change)
- Better customer service so far
- I can test ride a Rose in Bath (10 mins from me)
- Should fit me better

However the rose is £80 more. Should i go for the Rose or the Canyon?

I think i like the look of the canyon slightly more however i can imagine the UD carbon on the Rose in the flesh looks great.

Opinions welcome



  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    Rose - For the reasons you've stated above
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    Test ride the Rose, you may love it or hate it, then you can make a decision.
  • soslowsoslow Posts: 46
    Hi Mate
    I live in Bristol if you want to see a CGF
  • Hi, that would be brilliant, what size is it?
  • soslowsoslow Posts: 46
  • I love my Rose CGF 3000. The frame feels very comfortable for me - a fit 55 year old. Some might prefer a more aggressive geometry or at least they might think they would.

    My bike is very well assembled and the carbon frame gives a smooth ride. Every single component is of a high quality. The full Ultegra groupset is particularly nice and I am glad I went for the CGF 3000. It is slightly heavier than suggested by Rose but still remarkably light - from memory I thing it is about 7.6kg.

    The weight of the CGF 2000 would not be that much more and I am confident that the CGF 2000 would feel very similar. I tried the new Shimano 105 gears and brakes on my wife's Scott Solace and everything worked very well.

    The only component that I have yet to make my mind up on is the Selle Italia monolink saddle. It looks like a tool of torture and after about 40 miles it feels a bit like one as well. But then that's my experience of most road bike saddles!

    If you go for the Rose, bear in mind that the supplied Continental GP4000 tyres may be perfect for the summer months but I doubt that they are durable enough for long winter rides. For me that is not a worry as at this time of year (winter) the Rose stays in the garage and I venture out on my comparatively heavy Specialized Secteur.
  • Thanks for the reply. In terms of geometry, is it still confidence inspiring? My roubaix has a very upright geometry and i don't like it that much, however the rose i think might be a much better bike to ride.
  • Seriously interested to know if anyone has any experience of both, or knows of any comparative reviews.

    The Rose looks a little more upright, whereas the Canyon is prettier IMO (I know). Both look impressively light and good value.
  • I am sure that the Canyon and Rose are both great but I have only ridden a Rose.

    The Xeon CGF is very confidence inspiring. It handles well. It feels very stable although it might not be quite as nimble as a more race focussed bike. For me, to feel completely confident riding a bike rapidly, it is the brakes that are the most important factor. The Ultegra brakes hit the mark.

    The key reason to choose a Xeon CGF is comfort. The slightly more upright frame has good shock absorbing qualities, which are further enhanced by the 25mm tyres. Some of my cycling friends continue to torture themselves on their hard core race bikes. I reckon they would be far more comfortable and quicker on a CGF. Of course, they would never agree.
  • Sounds good to me, how many mm of spacers did you order?
  • I wish people would stop posting about Rose bikes... I want them all to myself!!!
  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    They are both excellent bikes you can,t go wrong with either. Try the Rose and if it feels good then it,s a no brainer. If you don,t like it then it,s the Canyon. My cycling mate has a Canyon same model and loves it.
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  • Thanks for all your help.
    Next question is, is it worth paying £100 more for ultegra 6800 over 105 5800?
  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    Again, both are good quality groupsets if you have the cash then go for the Ultegra.
    Chinarello, record and Mavic Cosmic Sl
    Gazelle Vuelta , veloce
    Giant Defy 4
    Mirage Columbus SL
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