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PBP 400 & 600 qualifiers - which ones to do?

satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
Hi, I'm from Oz and due to injury will need to do my 600 and maybe 400 qualifiers in the UK or Europe, in April.

There's no way to access the Audax UK forums without joining, so I'm hoping someone here can offer advice. I'll be in Norway for the Birkebeiner (Worldloppet) in late March, then on to Denmark and the UK, leaving in late April for another Worldloppet race in Iceland.

I'm wondering which brevets might have relatively easier courses and navigation; I'm not planning on bringing a GPS if that matters. Before PBP back in 1983 I rode a 300km brevet somewhere in the UK, and the other riders were fairly hostile and navigation was complex; it'd be nice if things could be somewhat simpler this time.

FWIW, I've completed PBP a few times in the past and know what to expect there, I just need to get the qualifiers done.

Thanks in advance,


  • sub55sub55 Posts: 1,025
    constantly reavalueating the situation and altering the perceived parameters accordingly
  • You will find tons of audax-ers on the yet another cycling forum web site (audax forum). There is also a very active audax uk Facebook group & you don't need to be a member of audax uk -- just ask to join

    Me? I would go for the brevet Cymru & bcm -- but I have never done for than 200 km and would select them purely due to the terrain (hilly) and relatively simple navigation.
  • satanassatanas Posts: 1,303
    Thanks guys.

    I realised after I said April that in fact the qualifiers don't all need to be done before June, so have more time than I expected up my sleeve. In the past I've always done the qualifiers before flying from Oz in northern spring, so it's been necessary to get things done by then. I should be free for most of April-June so there's plenty of time to fit rides around other things I'd like to do, like music festivals.

    Suggestions for more enjoyable qualifying rides to do are welcome. :-)
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