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Right clothing to start... so many choices!

richfavingerrichfavinger Posts: 7
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It's winter right now in PA in the USA... and my Giant Defy 1 will be ordered in a few days so I can ride this spring. My first road bike and I'd like to do it right. I have no real intentions yet of riding in the sub 40F's but am trying to choose my gear for the 40F-60F range...

With so many choices, even among one manufacture my head is spinning! But I have tried to narrow down choices between Castelli, Pearl Izumi and maybe odds and end from Performance Bicycle...

Castelli Flanders Long Sleeve Base Layer
Performance Bicycle Ultra Bib Shorts paired with Performance Bicycle Leg Warmer
alt ... Castelli Bib Shorts?
And no real clue of who's jersey (likely long sleeve?) for a start
And jacket no real clue

I know layering is the key, but with so many choices I just don't know where to start! I'd consider myself a mid-level fitness, I use to ride a trainer for cardio (I hate running) but this will be my first time outside for a few hour rides. When it hit's the 40F+ I want to go!!!

It would be helpful if the companies did pre-made kits and told me "buy this!" :mrgreen:


  • Dippydog3Dippydog3 Posts: 414
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    The December issue of Cycling Plus does exactly that. A full range kit review from 12 major clothing manufacturers.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213

    It would be helpful if the companies did pre-made kits and told me "buy this!" :mrgreen:

    Rich, Gore do this, have a look here, though their products are expensive, however it should give you an Idea of what can be achieved. ... lt,sc.html
  • JayKostaJayKosta Posts: 635
    Yes, there is much 'cycling specific' gear for cool/cold weather riding - but much of it is not really essential. I'm in upstate NY (Binghamton area) so I imagine our weather is similar.

    I think the most important item is a pair of full length tights (pants) for leg coverage.
    I have a pair of NordicTrack tights and a pair from Kohls - they are both stretch waist, unpadded, and snug from thighs to ankles. I usually wear regular 'brief' underwear or bike shorts under them.

    A long sleeve turtleneck pullover top ( with the neck all the way up), a nylon 'track suit' jacket, and a bright color windbreaker. Full length zippers on the jackets to adjust ventilation.
    Gloves - whatever works, cloth work gloves, stretchy gardening gloves, etc. Just enough to stop the wind and provide some warmth.

    Shoes - my bike shoes are too cold below about 60F, so I use old 'street shoes' with flat pedals, toe-clips and straps. Whatever socks are needed for the conditions.

    In really cold weather (freezing and below) a knit face mask 'balaclava helmet' with padding removed from my bike helmet.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • Don't go mad buying top of the range kit straight away. If you stick at road cycling your body shape and weight may change dramatically in the next year.
    Buy good quality mid range stuff now (Wiggle DHB or US equivalent) and save your money for a few top end items for when you body shape is stabilized.
    Short term overshoes and good windproof gloves are essential, also a Gilet or convertable (removable sleeves) jacket.
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