Compact bars & bike fit. Simple question?

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I'm going to change my road bars to compact. The drop is 125mm & the reach is 65mm. My existing bars have a reach of 95mm. To keep my bike fit dims the same, should I use a 30mm longer stem? Seems logical but the stem will need to go fron 100mm to 130mm which seems quite a jump.
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    which begs the question - why are you fitting compact bars..?
  • Simple. To reduce the drop.
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    How many spacers do you have under the stem?
  • Bars are as high as they will go. 40mm spacers below. I want to keep the tops at the same level; the compact drops mean I'll be able to use them whereas at the moment the existing bars are too deep to be comfy.
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    Drops are not for comfort, but to reduce air-resistance.
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    why don't you get some 3t ergosum bars? the reach is similar -89mm - to your current setup and the drop is 128mm so your set up will be v similar to what you want.
    fitting a 130 stem would keep the reach the same but the tops of the bar would be 30mm further away.

    they are great bars, I have them on all my bikes.
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    And your steering would be very different, not to mention make the bike look a bit pants perhaps.

    Another vote for 3t bars here.
    Are you happy with the width of your current bars? If not you can tweak that too.
  • Keezx wrote:
    Drops are not for comfort, but to reduce air-resistance.

    If your bike is fitted properly you can ride for long periods in the drops quite comfortably.
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    Just change the bars.
    If you feel a bit cramped, use a longer stem.

    The whole bike fit to the millimetre thing is wildly over done, usually by people who are a bit simple.
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    Change the bars to compacts first, ride for a while and then consider stem length. Look at Deda RHM bars from Ribble cycles or Planet X Strada maybe - both well under 20 quid, OK weight and very comfy. Even the cheap Deda bars look & feel great. You can then get a matching Deda stem if needed.
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