2014 cube peloton rear brake cable woes

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Hi, I have read on here that I am not the only one this has happened to but I am hoping for some expertise in trying to remedy it. I basically changed my left shifter yesterday and in doing so removed the gear and rear brake cables. I had changed the gear cable before so knew this would be fine but unfortunately assumed the brake cable would be the same. I was wrong! I thought the internal cabling would have a channel through the frame but it doesn't so now I cant thread the new cable back through! I tried the hoover and cotton method but it needs perfecting so was hoping someone could help me?? basically I can get the hoover to suck the cotton through but not too the point it comes through the little hole back out the frame, any ideas? I also notice on the rear entry hole there is a plastic cover, can this be removed to make things easier at all? I don't want to prise it off only to break it :(

Hope someone has this nailed and can let me know how they did it?



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    Assuming the peleton's frame is the same as the cross race, then you can lever the black cover off - it leave a great big gap and is easy to hook the inner through.

    ....just google imaged the Peleton, yes, it's the same. Just lever the black plug out.
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    For more info, the plastic plug's internal 'ferrule' tube (for want of a better description) extends about 1cm into the frame. Therefore, when you lever it, lever it from the back (seatpost end).
  • thanks very much for the info, I did have a look at the plastic cap last night but didn't seem to want a budge, will try again tonight. thanks
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    It's a fairly tight fit but should move.

    When I bought the frame new, it didn't come with the cap. Had a bit of a chase around to get one - from Germany in the end.

    If it does break, let me know as I have a Cervelo cap that should fit.
  • that's very much appreciated, thanks
  • all sorted, thanks so much for your help, the plastic cap had to be tapped sideways as well and it came out, left a hole I could then hook cable through, all fitted and tested and sorted, thanks again