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Carrera Abyss Boys "Hybrid"

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My 7yo needs a new bike for Xmas, he is currently using a hand me down of an old Carrera Blast, its done well (albeit with replacement brake levers, rear mech, chain, cassette etc). He is getting more and more into cycling, and I have been thinking it over and considering bikes from Isla, Evans (Hoy and Pinnacle) and Frog. All are great specs and a nice weight. During my searches I came across this Carrera... ... 14-24#tab1

Seems to tick all the boxes, no pointless suspension, quick release wheels, light weight, it will fit him with growing room, decent Tekro cantis, and Shimano gearing - to top it all the price seems very reasonable for a decent kids bike, cheap than the other options!

The big(er) wheels means a quick swap of the tyres should mean he can have a nippy flat bar racer or rigid MTB. He can already cover 20miles, so this should get him going further.

Anyone got one of these, any positive or negative comments, my issues are the nameless wheels look basic and the rims are wide (not sure if it would take narrower tyres than those supplied!). Also the cassette looks to be a screw on type, do the other kids bikes above have screw on types or are they proper freewheel hub types?

If we wanted to upgrade the wheels are decent narrow 24inch ones easy enough to purchase, I expect so?

Finally its got the Shimano Revo(?) gripshift, how does this compare to the awful low end Sram stuff, as I ended up swapping that on the old bike. All kids bikes should come with thumb shifters!


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,745
    Doesn't look to bad at first glance but twist grips for kids should be banned, most of the time they are strong enough to twist them it's even mentioned in the reviews on halfords website. No detailed spec, but that's halfords for you. Suggest you have a look at report back, might also be worth following similar thread on this section in case something different crops up. Good look choosing.
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  • I ordered it, 10% off over the week end, plus hoping for an extra 10% off with British Cycling at purchase.

    Totally agree on the grip shift, it does look better quality than the Sram stuff on my lads old Carrera blast. I still don't think its a good idea... I honestly think a traditional Thumb shifter is ideal. I will have a play about and may even change it for an underbar or thumb shifter before Christmas.

    The bike has quick release, jag wire outers etc, it is impressive for the price IMO.

    Picking it up in store it seems light weight for a kids bike, helped by the sensible rigid fork, its sold as a "Hybrid", its more a mini 29er (24er!) for kids, I think the big wheels will help for longer rides.

    Picking it up Friday, won't get any actual riding feedback until Christmas!
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,745
    Don,t forget to post some feedback come Christmas. Agree with comments on shifters, picked my youngest a second hand specialized hotrock without suspension and fitted trigger shifters and he loves it.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • I am looking at getting a bike for my daughter and had bookmarked the girls version of this. Presuming that the girls version is similar, what is the weight of Carrera bike? It doesn't give an idea on the website?
    Looking at a Frog bike for her as she is very petite and getting a bike that is heavy really is a no-no.
  • Hi

    The girls bike is like for like - other than colours, from what I could see, wasn't paying much attention.

    I didn't weigh the bike, just picked it up - it felt light for a kids bike, certainly lighter than his smaller wheeled Blast with suspension fork.

    I will be collecting it tomorrow, if I get chance when putting in the loft I will weigh it and post back.

    The Frog bikes look good, however my lad didn't like the colours/look of them.

    One other to consider is Evans own Pinnacle bikes, they seemed well built and light enough.

    I do think this Abyss is a good choice (VFM), the only corners cut are the very basic looking wheels (i.e. not coloured or fancy stickers), but that may not be a bad thing, also quick release which is a big bonus in my eyes.

    Already mulling upgrades, i.e. change of shifter, grips and tyres :roll:
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    My 5 year old reported an improvement in shifting ability with twist grip once I got him some cycling mitts. An easier upgrade than fitting thumb shifters...............
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  • ... ha ha, they have mitts. The old Sram gripshift just seized after a few months, no amount of replacement cable/outers, oil etc helped. Any way, willing to give this Shimano brand a chance, but any issues and its going.

    Picked the bike up, quite chuffed as I got 10% in their on line promotion (£161.99), and on collection asked for a British Cycling discount, no problem, so paid £145.79!

    It looks good, bars folded flat for transport, a joy to be able to pop the wheels off without a spanner.

    It is going into loft storage, will try and weigh it prior to going up there, felt light enough, I am sure most weight could be saved with a quick tyre swap.
  • I took my daughter over to Brighton today to try the Frog bikes. £270 later and a very happy daughter with a black Frog. :-) very impressed with them in the flesh.
  • thats exactly what I thought. FYI - they had a 10% off at the time in the sale, then I used my British Cycling for a further 10% off when collecting, so its a real bargain at that price.

    No sale at the moment, but they have a stupid RRP on the website!
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