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I want to fit some winter tyres onto some Mavic Aksium wheels and have two questions-

1. Will I have enough clearance to fit 28mm tyres onto my Cannondale Supersix or will I need to stick at 25mm?

2. What tyres would people suggest? This would be for mainly winter runs on country lanes in Hertfordshire. I want a bit more comfort and durability but don't want them too slow. I have looked at Continental Grand Prix 4000S but these are a bit pricy and Conti Gatorskins - are there any other options people would suggest / have worked well for them?

Much appreciated.
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  • There are too many strong opinions about tyres. Your better of trying them all for yourself and make your own judgements

    Gatorskins - many on here say they are terrible and give no grip in the wet- I however have had no issues with them the ride is not brilliant but grip is fine in the bends and I really don't slow up maybe that the trick have faith even if the trye does not inspire it. I quite like them.

    Conti 4 season - a decent tyre however I have no luck with them other do though.

    Conti GP4000s - not a winter tyre but some ride them trhough the winter with luck. Good grip even the wet

    vittoria Pave - excellent grip in the wet and ride comfort is superb, Come up narrow on narrow rims though. Undecided about their puncture resistance.

    Vittoria Open corsa - excellent grip in the wet ride comfort excellent - I have used them all summer and it is the only tyre I have riden to the point of wearing out. A tyre normally get holed before then. I am loving these and will continue to ride them until the threads show which may be winter time.

    I will be on this autumn/winter both the clincher and tubular version of the vittoria Pave, open corsa's, schwable one tubeless and conti competition tubular tyres. Gatorskin hardshells will come out if I start wrecking tyres again. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • You'll struggle with anything over 25 on a SS
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    with or without mudguards?
  • When it greasy all tyres suffer with grip its not just gatorskins. In one race this years I had the front wheel lock up and skid with GP4000s (new ones) it was wet and greasy. No tyre is immune from that. I do not take it easdy with gatorskins when I used them last winter never came of either not even close, this is what I mean by you have to try for yourself as different people have different experience which may or may not be yours. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    is the only tyre I have riden to the point of wearing out. A tyre normally get holed before then.

    Odd you find that as iv'e never had a tyre holed yet they have all worn down too threads showing through the middle .

    Do you mean sidewall damage by holed?