Will an 11 spd cassette & chain live with a 10 spd chainring

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Evening all,

As I am awaiting delivery of a TT frame from the Planet of X, I am debating how to kit it out.

I have a 10 spd Shimano 5700 groupset I am planning to fit, but of course need bar end shifters.

As fates would have it, the 11 spd shifters are some £20 cheaper than 10 speed, so I am debating whether to use that £20 to put towards an 11 spd cassette and chain, and keep the 10 spd ones as stock for other bikes.

If I do that, is there any issue with regards to compatibility between the chain, and the 10 spd crankset?
I am thinking not, but realise that at some point in the constant evolution of the ever growing number of gears, something, somewhere at some point is not going to be backwards compatible.....

And a dumbass question, but I see it has a BB30 BB, and as far as I am aware I should be able to use any Crankset with that?
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  • Not quite bang on, but I happily run a SRAM 10s crankset with a Campy 11s set up (rear shifter, rear mech, chain, cassette). What I found is that although a 10s front shifter is fine, for Campy you need an 11s front mech. The narrow chain will jam between the chain rings using a 10s front mech.

    And if you have a BB30 BB shell, you may be able to find an adaptive BB to allow you to run a crankset of your choice (Rotor has a good selection of proper BBs that do this - not rubber rings and weird washers). Otherwise a BB30 BB will need a BB30 crankset - eg SRAM do BB30 and GXP versions of their cranksets. It's all to do with the diameter and length of the axle of the crankset, IIRC.
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