Kinesis Racelight T2 and 105 5800 calipers

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Hi guys, apologies if this is in the wrong section but I think it is possibly more techie than buying advice?
I have a new Racelight T2 with DC07 fork that I'm building up and I have a question about brakes. The Kinesis website states long drop calipers, 47-57mm. Almost every build I've seen shows 57mm brakes such as Tektro R539 etc. However, the new Shimano 105 5800 calipers are 49mm and can accommodate up to 28 tyres. Ideally I'd like to buy the 5800 groupset at a discount you see, rather than faff around selling the calipers and buying Tektro's - which are fine I'm sure in any case.

I'm wondering if anyone had any experience of getting 49mm drop calipers on the T2 or does it HAVE to be 57's? In which case Kinesis should just say so on their site!

Many thanks for your help in advance.
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  • I have a T2, no chance of fitting standard brakes to it, I went for Shimano R451's and they run at the very bottom of the 57mm drop available at the rear. I would also add that for me I bought the T2 as a winter bike for use with mudguards, something I highly doubt the 105 5800 would ever accommodate.
  • Good point well made. Seems that Kinesis should just state outright that 57mm brakes are needed!
    Current bike: 2014 Kinesis Racelight T2 - built by my good self!