Tyre pressure on 24" wheels

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I recently bought my daughter a Triban Junior for her 9th birthday, which is in a few days. It has 24" wheels,

I'm 6'2" and I like a fairly firm ride so I inflate my own tyres to 100-110 psi. I don't know whether the size of the wheels has any bearing on the tyre pressure but I would guess that the fact that she is quite tall but otherwise fairly normal size would.

Does anyone have any advice on an appropriate tyre pressure for her new ride?


  • Monty Dog
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    What does it say on the tyre sidewall?
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  • simon_e
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    I'd try 40 psi and see how it feels. For the 24 x 1.5" tyres on a Beinn 24 I never put more than 40 psi because their light weight doesn't require it.

    You can go a little higher with narrower tyres but there's no benefit in making it too firm - you lose ride quality, grip and feedback on anything but billiard-smooth surfaces.
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