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First new bike for 22 years

vegan runnervegan runner Posts: 4
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I'm looking to buy my first MTB since 1992. Back then I had, actually still have, a Marin Pine Mountain. I can't believe how much has changed so I'm here asking for info, help, assistance and laughs.

Bit about me. I'm a fell/trail runner in the Wakefield area. Usually run in the northern Peak District. Two years of injuries have left me thinking that not just running exclusively might be a good idea but how to get my fix of hill, mud and freedom? A mountain bike.

I have about £1000 to spend and the bike needs to be capable both on my local rides which include bridleways, woodland singletrack and some 'secret' paths all the way up to the kind of rocky terrain found in the Peak District. At 43 I'm not going to be jumping the pants off it. More likely I'll be out for long hilly rides with the occasional full-speed downhill blat.

I'm pretty sure that I'm after a hardtail rather than a FS bike. Beyond that I'm faced with too much choice. My interest has been piqued by the Voodo Bizango 29er. It seems to get rave reviews and plenty of positive comments on forums. All good. Not so sure I really want 29s though. They'd be fine locally but how would they cope in the Peaks? Moving up in price I'm also looking at a Trek Superfly 7 2014 which is getting ££££s knocked off due to the new models arriving. Still a 29er though.

I'm struggling to find a quality bike with 27.5s. To my untrained eye they seem more expensive or same price range but lower specced than 29s. Is that an accurate assessment?

So, do you have any recommendations based on the kind of riding I hope to be doing?

Many , many thanks in advance.


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