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Giant Defy 1 (upgraded beyond 0)

mikewoodsmikewoods Posts: 135
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Here's my 2013 giant defy 1 which I bought early this year. Having been used to a full sus Spesh I thought I'd find this ride harsh but it was immediately comfortable!

She's recently been treated to an upgrade to a full Ultegra 6800 groupset, Easton ea70 handlebars and some ksyriums. Scales suggest she's now about 7.9 kilos which I'm well pleased about but suspect some proper scales may tell me more like 8!

I'm looking to get a bike fit done this week just to make sure It's all ok, feels pretty good but not sure on stem length.



  • Very nice.
  • That's actually very light for a Defy. Giant aren't known for light weight, so well done.
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  • I'm not surprised - wish I weighed the crankset that came off it! They put 105 all round but put tiagra cassette on and some other shimano cranks on that weighed a ton - the difference between them and Ultegra must have been near on a kilo on their own!
  • SCR Pedro wrote:
    That's actually very light for a Defy. Giant aren't known for light weight, so well done.

    Agreed. I had a Defy 2 frame (in a smaller size) fitted with 6800 and it weighed 9kg. Entry level rims (Fulcrum Racing 7) and sturdy tyres (GP 4 seasons) obviously didnt help :oops:

    Op's bike is an Aluxx SL frame, where my Defy 2 wasn't. Was always a bit curious to know what the weight difference was.
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 10,387
    My Defy 2 is Aluxx SL (2012), guessing yours must have been a different year?

    Weighed 9.6kg as stock (w/pedals in size M), didn't seem awful for an entry-level bike. Currently weighs 8.9kg with upgrades being Zondas, Ultegra cassette, carbon railed Toupe and GP4Seasons. I reckon I could get it to 8kg relatively easy with new groupset and carbon bars/stem/seatpost, but that'll cost so much it's hard to see the point when you can get something lighter off the shelf for less money by that stage. Having said that I do quite like it so I probably will make some more upgrades next year anyway.
  • Mine was a 2014. For some reason, Giant decided to make the 2 a non sl frame that year. :roll:
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