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Setting up RS Revelation RLT 2014 Shock

PrivateironyPrivateirony Posts: 44
edited August 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I've just splashed the cash and bought a brand new Rockshox Revelation RLT 150mm fork, but I have no idea as to what settings I should be using nor can I find anywhere that states what the knobs actually do (great work Rockshox, you really need to sort your sh*t out) can my learned friends on here help out and at least get me going on the right track. I have already setup the sag, as there are shed loads of guidlines for this, but nothing for the compression and flood gate settings, whatever the hell these are. My old fork was a sektor r with only rebound to baffle me but now I have 2 more settings to play with and no instructions, please help!


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