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Zero One Racing or 01 Racing wheelset

ne0skne0sk Posts: 39
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Just picked up a very very nice second hand TREK 1.2 Alpha for my girlfriend who is new to cycling. It came with a set of 01 Racing wheels.

I cannot any information about this manufacturer anywhere on the web.

Anyone know of them?

I'm guessing they are bottom drawer but adequate for a first road bike. We'll see (sorry, no pun intended) if the bug bites and an upgrade follows.

Thanks folks


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Does it not say Bontrager on the wheels too?
    Quick google showed some with Bontrager, and what looks like 01 in red and white numbers.

    Bontrager is Treks own brand stuff, and yes, they will be bottom drawer.

    All bikes come with pants wheels compared to other components, but this is a good thing as you can then get some nice ones of your choosing in a sale and have much nicer looking/riding bike.

    What colour is the bike? Got some Fulcrum Racing Quattro's for the wifes bike and they are great.
    Found they hold a lot of water if used in rain, but easy enough to drain and dry out.

    Get some decent tyres while you are at it as they will be low rent too ;-)

    Brake pads/blocks would be my next upgrade.
  • ne0skne0sk Posts: 39
    Definitely not Bonty wheels, I've had the pleasure of using his products for many many years (a Ti Lite MTB frame and a Race Lite too) and met the man himself at an after show awards dinner once. Cool fella and delighted he's retained his identity within Trek. Same about Klein though.

    I've seen a bottom bracket on a link to a Ribble page so it's a brand in it's own right. Just want to know more about them.

    Bike is black with red/white graphics. Amazing condition and my girlfriend is over the moon with it.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
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