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Road seat advice to relieve perineal nerve damage

podsquadpodsquad Posts: 23
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Bit of a strange subject to post on here, however it is probably the best place with the amount of riders who view this and the extensive knowledge shared.

The story:

For the past 5-6 months I have been becoming very sore from the saddle when riding, the pain is becoming unbareble even after ten minutes in the saddle. If anyone has seen Casino Royale where Daniel Craig gets a beating with a rope, that seems to reflect how this pain feels.

After several visits to the doctors, various tests I still don't have an answer to what the problem is apart from the doctors stating they think it is riding and that it causing the "Perineal Never" to be inflammed, which then leads to the pain. My concern with that theory is, I am not new to riding so surely this should have occurred from day one?

I have since discussed this with a couple of sports rehab companies locally who have had dealings with riders with similar symptoms to mine, the constant pain whilst riding, which then hurts for several days after, with the sensation that you need to wee 100 times a day when really you don't.

I am currently looking getting a new seat as a priority, followed by a bike fit which includes biomechanics and a full body once over to check any other injuries. The reason for this post is to see who anyone else has had similar issues, and how they went about resolving the problem, this could just be a seat recommendation etc.

I would also be interested in finding any bike shops (UK based shops, pref North West) which offer a trial before you buy option on seats, otherwise I may end up with several seats which will be of no use and well cost a fortune.

Hope this makes sense, and I have tried not to delve too far into the details.

Advice and any references would be appreciated.

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