Steel frame scratching & Nail varnish & Drink

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I've got a problem with scratching my frame which is something I can not avoid having a small frame and fitting accessories. The bracket for my lock is on the top tube and has to pivot so I can get my keys in the lock to remove it. With this pivoting action the bracket scratches the paintwork. I'm not bothered about its looks but it it has to be practical and long lasting and it looks good anyway! :)

I tried using foam but it wriggles its way out, I've used electrical tape but it chews it off. I could use both but both I have to keep and eye on and straighten it out and replace the tape now and then! Its a lovely mess!

Out of the blue I had a thought.. I play a musical instrument that involves using one fingernail I have to protect with this stuff: ... hard-wraps
This nail wrap is a very thick strong layer of some acrylic and other stuff.. Its excellent at preventing my nail being worn away as I perform and the string never reaches my nail, but the wrap.
Can I paint this on my frame in the area that I need protecting?
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Lastly because the lock takes up all the room, what other ways can I fit a drinks holder? I have no space on my handlebars. :(
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    you can get bottle holders that mount behind the saddle

    to avoid frame wear, how about a piece of thick but flexible plastic - cut from a food container for instance - wrap it around the frame at the place you'll fit the lock holder, you can use neutral cure silicone rubber to fix it in place, it won't hurt the paint and it can be removed in future without causing damage
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    Keep the lock in the pannier or bungee it onto the rack.
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    You can protect the frame with helicopter tape here.
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    trieste wrote:
    Keep the lock in the pannier or bungee it onto the rack.


    When I used to commute with a rack and pannier, I strapped my lock securely to the top plate of the rack.
    That will enable to use the bottle cage mounts on your frame and you can remove the lock bracket from the frame altogether.