BB Bearings in Giant TCX SLR 1

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My BB is creaking under less than moderate load. The right side bearing can be felt to be failing when (cranks off) turned by finger. Left side is smooth as silk. I first tried snugging the cranks down (torque wrench) which didn't help. Reasonably sure its the bearing.

My problem: can't figure out which (if it exists-LBS told me I had to buy a whole new BB) sealed bearing to buy to replace the stock BB press fit bearings.

Deets as I have found them:

'14 Giant TCX SLR 1
FSA Gossamer Pro Cranks
Custom FSA 386BB for BB86 (wording cut/paste from Giant's website)

Other infos: Park brand BB30 bearing removal tool does NOT fit through the bearing to remove them.
Could probably warrantee it, probably not going to. Would rather buy the bearings and fix it myself than mess with shops.

Any insight out there? I'm apparently not smart enough to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Your cranks are a 386 EVO model, and your frame has BB86 style bottom bracket.

    Your only real option is the specific FSA BB which adapts your BB86 frame to your BB386 Cranks. In terms of tools, anything that works with the BB86/92 BB's such as the Park BB90.3 should be fine.