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2014 GT Force X Pro

javirtualjavirtual Posts: 25
edited June 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hei guys,

I am the proud owner of a new 2014 GT Force X Pro, I just have some issues with my suspension settings, In front i think i have just ok but i am not pretty happy with the performance in the back.To much bobing. :?

I have a Large size, i am 1.86cm i think it's the best for me, normal rider weight for my size 85kg. I just ride only singletracks in my local area and i will be in some bike parks now at the end of the summer. :lol:

The only think that i don't like about my new bike it is so dificult to adjust the rebound, almost impossible to move with your hands the red wheel, so it is no possible to do it fast, in some seconds, and try and test, you need a very thin screwdriver or something like that for to move the wheel.

Can you guys give some tips about how much psi in front and in the back, may be i have to much. i have around 25%Sag, and the rebound just in the midle position, I use the Trail option open all the time in soft mode. I think that's the best compromise.

I am a pretty agresive rider i can say, i like jumping, playing and go fast down hill. I love rocks and roots, pretty of them in my local singletrack in my back yard.

My name i Javier (spanish) living in Norway ( 1 hour south for Oslo) the last 8 Years.

Thank you so much for the advices, see you in the woods.

Ps. It Is a big change to jump from a 26" wheel into a 27,5" i think is more playfull a 26" and more fun. I hope to adapt into my new bike fast, cost me a lot of money my new bike and i was very happy with my last bike a 2012 Commencal SX. I hope is worth it.
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