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Spray painting carbon frame, advice needed.

king_jeffersking_jeffers Posts: 694
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Picked up a Chinese carbon frame, considering getting it sprayed but struggling to find anywhere local to do the work. Had one quote for £240 but they didn’t really seem interested. Not sure if that is the going rate, if so will probably keep as it. Can anyone recommend a company that carry out the work?

I'm in the Newcastle upon Tyne area but can travel.


  • foggymikefoggymike Posts: 862
    Not local but good to compare prices. £240 says pretty clearly they don't really want the work. ... ces-52.php
  • king_jeffersking_jeffers Posts: 694
    foggymike wrote:
    Not local but good to compare prices. £240 says pretty clearly they don't really want the work. ... ces-52.php

    Thanks for the reply, the shop in Lincoln could be worth a look. Sometimes down that area with work :D
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    I suspect that those prices are based on refinishing a steel frame.

    You can strip them safely and quickly using a media blaster as prep for paint. Carbon Fibre is a different matter - the finish normally has to be taken off very gently to make sure that the integrity of the frame isn't affected. It's more labour intensive.
  • millstermillster Posts: 209 try this guy in Stokesley.

    I can recommend his work and the detail is top notch.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Atlantic Boulevard in Bury - better quality than a 'factory' finish but don't expect any change from £300 for a frame and forks with transfers etc. There's a lot of hand-finishing with carbon - you can't simply bung it in the grit blaster if you want any frame left.
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Carbon frames need hand rubbing for paint removal with medium to fine grade paper cause of the resin. I had a pair of CF bladed forks and sought the advice of Argos before I started and medium to fine emery paper was the only way. Blasting and chemical stripping were out of the question.
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  • Andy_S_TAndy_S_T Posts: 106
    Cheapest way to do it would be to do the prep work yourself and then go and chat to a couple of paint shops. The prep is what costs you as it is labour intensive. Like others have said a gentle rub down with some fine wet & dry (keeps the dust down), then it should be a case of primer (if needed) colour, transfers then clear. or if it's just colour then ignore the transfers & clear.
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