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Clincher Set for £1k

DizeeeDizeee Posts: 337
edited June 2014 in Road general
After a set of spangly wheels for my carbon bike. Budget is 1k, they will be replacing Fulcrum Quattro's which so far have been happy with but at 1780g for the pair could be lighter.

I am after something that is aero mainly, and will roll with noticeable ease over a ride of 30 - 40 miles at an average of 20 - 21mph compared to the quattro's.

Lightness is also important, but ultimately I am after a good all rounder that can save me a bit of weight and time on the climbs, yet will be able to offer great cruising ability on a well paced club run.

So far all I have been recommended are the Mavic R SYS wheels that apparently do everything. I have also considered Zipps but are they really worth it or is alot of the cost purely the name?
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