Road Bike Componants on a Hybrid

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Hi Everyone,

I need some advice.

I have a road bike in which I upgraded the cassette, crankset and front derailleur (These were Tiagra 10sp and SRAM350).

I would like to put the old parts of my road bike on to my hybrid.

I know that if I done this, I would need to change the shifters on my hybrid as my road bike is a 10 speed.

Is this possible to do?

Would I need to change the rear derailleur?

Would I still be able to use Trigger shifters?

All advice welcome.



  • kwozzymodo
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    You'll need to think about 'pull ratios' for the kit. SRAM shifters pull a different ratio of cable per gear-change than Shimano, so if you are going to stick to Shimano derailleurs, then you will need some Shimano trigger shifters.
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    Yup - try and stick to one brand and it should all work ok.

    A friend of mine bought a Planet X Pro carbon full Red for a pittance from P/X and swapped it over to flat bars (back issues and didn't want a drop bar bike but the spec was sooo good for the money) - different trigger shifters and levers, job jobbed.

    Works perfectly, weighs nothing, cost a pittance for a top of the range bike. And I got the shifters for next to nothing. Everyone happy.
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