Mavic Aksium rims uneven

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Hi guys. Just treated myself to a 2013 cannondale synapse carbon with great discounts pre-emptying the 2014 model.

It's got mavic aksium fitted and from the moment I first rode down the path I noticed a 'tick' sensation and noise on braking. A simple look and feel revealed a very uneven rim joint (on both wheels) with a noticeable lip when rubbing your finger across.

Can this be right? My dealer in chamonix said they spoke to mavic who said it is within manufacturing tolerance. It's pretty severe and in my view will chew a brake pad while all the time giving me uneven pad grip (not what you want on a high speed descent).

Any thoughts? Dealer has offered to machine down the lip.


  • simonj
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    Mine had the same, but can't gauge how severe to yours. If it's the front can you reverse the direction of the wheel to make it any better, i.e. So it's a step down rather than step up maybe?
  • Dawrighty
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    Works for the front but not the rear without quite a lot of work. Still, new rims - is it normal? Entry level I guess ...
  • simonj
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    I remember mine having similar, but couldn't feel it, just spotted in when cleaning, so wasn't really an issue for me.
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    If they are not prepared to replace them, then get them machined, no reason to throw away a set of pads waiting for the rims to get flat.
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